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3SUN M40 - Greater efficiency in any context

Efficient, long-lasting, compact, and designed to be extremely versatile and sustainable. Based on the 100% European CORE-H technology, thanks to high level of performances, our M40 solar model is the perfect solution for rooftop installations.

Efficiency is the keyword, when it comes to solar modules. As required by the European Commission, through the REPowerEU plan, the market is called upon to increase and maximize the energy yield of PV systems. This is done by improving their ability to exploit sunlight in the best way possible, andmake the best use of the space available for the installation, particularly  important in the distributed generation (DG) sector.


Unparalleled performance

The innovative M40 is entirely produced in Italy and represents a sustainable top-end choice for those who believe in and want to invest in solar energy. It is the optimal solution to ensure top performances in small-to-medium applications, from residential to commercial and industrial rooftops. 

With a white reflective background behind the solar cells, the M40 reaches a power of 440-480 W and efficiency levels up to 25%. Furthermore, it is designed to reduce installation costs (Balance Of System) and to last long. We guarantee top energy yields throughout the product lifetime with more than 91.8% performance after 30 years. On top of this we offer a 25-year product warranty package. All this is complemented by a higher resistance to wear and weather, with top performances even in harsh climates. These features make the difference in the solar module market, and ensure durability and unparalleled customer value. 


The core of 3SUN modules

CORE-His an innovative heterojunction (HJT) technology 100% made in Europe and developed by our team of researchers and engineers, that combines crystalline silicon with advanced layers of amorphous silicon. By exploiting the unique potential of CORE-H,- the M40 maximizes the quantity of energy captured from the incident light, making our solar modules the most efficient on the market.

We are committed to sutainability throughout, from the way we design our products to the way we manufacture them and moore. The M40 is designed with the highest sustainability standards, with a low carbon footprint, through a traceable and transparent supply chain. It is free from lead and fluorine, with reduced quantities of silicon and a low water and energy footprint, thanks to a highly automated, low-temperature production process. 


A design that can be integrated into different contexts 

The M40, with a compact size under two square meters gives flexibility to system designers for a betterintegration on residential, business or industrial roofs that can have irregular shapes and dimensions.. On top of this, thanks to its reduced dimensions, the M40 weighsaround 21 kg, which makes it easier to handle even by a single person, thus speeding up the installation process. The M40 is the best choice to transform the roofs of companies, businesses or houses into a resource that provides clean, sustainable and European energy to combat climate changes.