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3SUN: Ready to go, the first modules have just been assembled

The production chain for the most innovative solar panel in Europe has successfully passed the first tests

3SUN's highly innovative automated production chain, with its great technological complexity, started production procedures a few days ago. The new Gigafactory is headed down the path toward its full production capacity. As a proof of this, the PV modules just assembled entirely in the factory.

Our smart Gigafactory - which, during 2024, will be able to produce 3GW/year - boasts the most sophisticated solar cell and module production system in the entire world, with a production process comprising the latest technologies, such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), based on “machine learning”, AI and cutting-edge algorithms, developed in partnership with leading companies in this field, to ensure a top-notch manufacturing process. Every step of this meticulous chain has been designed and implemented, and now, with the Gigafactory construction works starting in 2022, we can proudly announce that the machinery in the solar factory of the future has brilliantly passed the production tests.


The importance of tests

With the goal of launching and selling high-performing solar modules on the market in mind, we need to carry out a significant quantity of tests with many complex operations on all product components, from wafers, to HJT cells to finite modules. Indeed, every component should be programmed and calibrated, and this requires several weeks of fine tuning and syncing by expert technicians to achieve the desired results. Processes and materials developed in many years, which require meticulous set-ups. In these first weeks of work, we've optimized our processes to make them stable and repeatable and achieve our performance targets. Pre-production is essential to test out the automation of one of the most advanced factories worldwide, where every element must "play" in unison. Just like in a perfect orchestra

As a result, the first 3SUN-branded photovoltaic modules have been completed these days and will be ready for sale once the product certification process by accredited bodies is completed in the coming months. This goal brings us closer to cutting the ribbon on our full-capacity production, with 3SUN modules installed on the buildings' roofs and in PV systems: a new renewable energy is coming from Sicily to the entire Planet.

Indeed, our purpose is not just producing sustainable and high-performing modules in the most eco-friendly way possible. With our 3GW, we will become the largest cell and solar module factory in Europe, and we will give a tangible contribution to achieve the Italian and European energy transition agenda.
Moreover, we will be an active part of the European PV industry's renaissance, and foster the Continent's energetic independence.

These first modules by 3SUN are surely one of the most important goals in starting our Gigafactory in Catania, and bring us closer to the future we are drawing with passion, by focusing on sustainability and people.