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We are here to change the rules of the game. And we mean business.

We want to rewrite the future of our planet, starting from a solid foundation: technology, innovation, and the value of our people.

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Redefining the photovoltaic industry for tomorrow's energy freedom.

Our aim is to create a sustainable system for partners companies and customers: a repeatable success story, with a fully sustainable value chain.

It is no coincidence that we were founded in Catania, in the Etna valley, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the crossroad of European history.

Our history

We have solid roots, and we like to dream big.

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Europe believes in us: within two years we will grow by fifteen times.

Through 3SUN’s CORE-H technology, and thanks to the TANGO research and development project, the production capacity of the 3SUN Gigafactory plant in Catania will increase from 200 MW to over 3 GW per year.

As we grow, the local community will experiment direct and indirect benefits, including 900 new direct and 1000 new indirect jobs.

Our Gigafactory will allow Europe to reduce its energy dependence. We will focus on production and sustainability acting as a catalyst to reshore the photovoltaic supply chain in Europe.

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Our values speak to the future.


Cutting-edge technology

The quality and performance of our solutions make the energy transition a tangible possibility.

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Continuing development

We believe a better world is possible only through innovation and technology investments.


Sustainability first and foremost

We believe that the needs of people and the environment should be the top priorities to preserve our planet.

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