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3SUN M40 rooftop solar panels

High-functioning photovoltaic modules for commercial and residential rooftop solar systems.

High performance

Our rooftop solar panels exceed practical and strength requirements to capture high energy yield.


CORE-H PV cells provide stability in high temperatures and adverse conditions with low degradation over time.

American solar

Our manufacturing facility in Oklahoma will support a domestic solar supply chain in the US.

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A premium solution

Built for long-term value

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Greater energy yields

3SUN CORE-H technology captures more sunlight compared to alternative rooftop solar systems.

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Customizable design

Different module formats offer optional upgrades for rooftop applications.


Minimum energy losses

Low conversion losses caused by overheating and elevated operating temperatures.

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Protection over time

No electrical degradation caused by PID, LID or LeTID and market-leading mechanical resistance.

3SUN CORE-H solar cells

3SUN CORE-H technology enables efficient energy conversion

3SUN CORE-H technology elevates solar energy beyond the limits of the PERC, PERT and TOPCon.

Innovation-driven technology setting new standards of excellence in photovoltaic science

TCO - Transparent conductive coating

Transparent and conductive anti-reflection coating, optimized to improve sunlight transmission and convey the generated electrical charges towards the metal conducting grid.

Amorphous silicon (p/n a-Si:H)

P and N amorphous silicon layers applied to maximize the conversion of energy and the conduction of electrical charges by preventing losses and avoiding recombination at the interfaces.

N-type crystalline silicon

Ultra-thin, n-type silicon wafers allow excellent performance and stability while lowering the environmental impact.

Metal conducting grids

Narrow grid multi-busbar technology adopted to minimize resistive losses through improved collection and conduction of electrical charges.

Amorphous silicon (a-Si:H)

Micro-layers deposited to improve output voltage. Using a quantum tunnelling mechanism to create a perfect junction with the crystalline silicon, giving rise to the term “hetero-junction”.

Rooftop solar panel details

Data sheet M40
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Data sheet M40 Bold
PDF (0.54MB) Download

Frequently asked questions

3SUN USA PV modules made in Oklahoma will be available on the market by mid-2025, with panels from the Catania factory available to the market in 2024. Contact your installer of choice for a quote or send us an inquiry by filling out the contact form.

Our solar manufacturing facility is sited to be built in Inola, Oklahoma and will be supported by several US-based partnerships.

Our modules are marketed through a network of authorized distributors. Contact your trusted installer or send us an inquiry by filling out the contact form.  

With the current increase in energy costs, investing in solar allows you to reduce your energy consumption, making you independent for a major share of your energy needs. Additionally, US manufactured solar panels allow customers to take advantage of the domestic content bonus tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Our solar modules produce more energy for the same surface area than those with conventional technologies. They also provide more stable performance over time.

On rainy days, PV modules are typically self-cleaning, although we still recommend that you contact your installer for periodic checks.

PV modules are classified as normal electronic waste (WEEE), and therefore, end-of-life management is done according to current national regulations.

As part of the Enel Group, 3SUN USA views the circular economy as a strategic accelerator of its business and is committed to the 5 pillars of circularity. 3SUN USA is currently evaluating in-house, outsourced and investment opportunities along with future innovations – that meet and exceed legal requirements – to ensure proper disposition of 3SUN modules once they’ve reached their end of useful life.

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